I joined parenthood by adopting two siblings from Ethiopia at the ages of 5 and 6, a girl – Elilta and a boy - Negus.  It was difficult for them to navigate the US school system, and difficult for me to truly understand how they were feeling at school.  After much struggle, as they entered the 5th school going into the Sixth Grade, I began to realize a system is desperately needed in our schools today. A system to monitor the mental and social well-being of students, capable of checking the current and long-term pulse of each student, providing a mechanism for those suffering from stress or who might even be suicidal or overly aggressive to seek professional help.

Patricia Kloehn 


HealthWide Solutions & Student Happiness System

Our Story

The Student Happiness System is designed to take the pulse of your student's emotional state leading to improved engagement, emotional wellness and academic outcomes. The Student Happiness System establishes a communication vehicle whereby your students can freely express their thoughts and feelings. This data is then synthesized, curated and prioritized in an actionable worklist for your school counselors. Our powerful platform can identify intervention opportunities for students who are expressing low self-confidence, high stress, depression, or potential for self or public harm.

Our Approach

HealthWide Solutions embodies the following values: leadership, collaboration, data driven, kindness, generosity, diversity, thoroughness, thought leaders, persistent, tireless, playful, out of the box, expand the boundaries, leave a legacy, act from a place of humility.

Meet the Team


Patricia Kloehn

Founder & CEO

Patricia Kloehn is a dynamic leader as well as an accomplished consulting veteran, having helped over 400-hospitals and physician practices nationwide. She has an exceptional track record in developing and implementing product lines structured around patient experience, education, and process improvement, yielding optimal financial returns. She is an industry thought leader responsible for dissecting “Best Practices” into actionable tactics and playbooks for healthcare organizations. She is also the author and trainer of more than 20 Revenue Cycle Training Manuals and e-learning products. She is a nationally recognized author and speaker for HFMA, ANI, AHAM, World Congress Leadership Summit, and Health Leaders.  Pattie has written several whitepapers for healthcare and co-authored “Cash is Still King: Maximize the Margin to Protect the Mission.” Kloehn has recently served as a member of NAHAM’s Patient Experience Task Force.  Kloehn holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Dallas and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of St. Thomas, MN.

Kloehn also assisted in developing a software product line with HTP Inc, was responsible for procuring financial assistance for under/uninsured patients, identifying patients’ propensity to pay, verifying benefits, conducting eligibility screening, estimating final bill, collecting payment and establishing work queue follow-up.  This product was bought by Relay Health and was previously known as RevRunner.  These products continue to have a significant national presence in hospitals and healthcare providers in the U.S. today.  It was the first product of its kind before the market became crowded with many new players.

Patricia Kloehn developed a Scheduling App and has recently developed two technology platforms, The Patient Happiness System™ and The Student Happiness System™.  Both systems solicit an emotional response from patients or students and allow for service recovery or counseling.



Cass Speer

Vice President

Cass Speer, PH.D., earned a BS from Colorado State University and MS and Ph.D. from Utah State University.  He was an assistant professor at the University of Texas Medical Center, Houston; a post-doctoral fellow at the University of New Mexico; a professor of microbiology at the University of Montana; professor and head of Veterinary Molecular Biology at Montana State University; Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Dean of the Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station; and Distinguished Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Tennessee.  He is currently co-founder of the Student Happiness System™ with HealthWide Solutions, Inc.

Dr. Speer has conducted research in the Brazilian Amazon, in Africa, Thailand, Japan and India.  He has published more than 220 referred scientific publications and four books on infectious diseases of humans and animals and holds two U.S. patents and two international patents on biochemical methods for diagnosing infectious diseases.  He received the Mershon Award from the Montana Academy of Science, an Honor Alumnus Award from Colorado State University and a Gubernatorial Award for biotechnology in Tennessee.

“We are excited to launch this needed platform which will address emotional and mental health.  My years of experience has taught me communication and a clear pathway to help are essential for students of any level.”

Dr. Cass Speer