1. What does the Student Happiness System™ do? The Student Happiness System™ is a pulse survey facilitator which allows students to quickly, privately and securely give educators, counselors and school administration feedback on how they’re feeling. Through the selection of emoji based characters and a text box, students are able to communicate how they’re feeling, road blocks they’re facing or any significant concerns they have regarding experiences within the school or at home. This data is then compiled, prioritized and made actionable via dynamic worklists. Our platform also showcases relevant, timely and inspirational content for students which will assist them in becoming more resilient in their emotional and academic journey.

2.  How is the Student Happiness System™  Delivered? The Student Happiness System™ can be delivered via email or even text. We can use your student’s school email as a delivery pathway for the survey. Conversely, you may allocate time weekly for students to answer their SHS survey via computer.

3. What age/grade is the Student Happiness System™ best used for?  We recommend that SHS is best utilized within grades 6 and up (including colleges).

4. How often is the Student Happiness System™ Survey delivered? We recommend that students are pulse surveyed weekly.  However, if your school would like to survey every other week or monthly, this can be accommodated.

5. Can students leave feedback anonymously within the Student Happiness System™? Yes! SHS allows students to leave anonymous commentary about how they’re feeling.

6. Is weekly motivational/inspirational content customizable? Yes! Your school has three options available for our weekly motivational content – 1. We can make weekly content to be pushed to students which you can approve; 2. You can make your weekly content that we can load and present to your students, or 3. We can work together collaboratively with your school to make weekly motivational content.

7. Are worklists for counselors and administrators customizable? Yes!  Our worklists are 100% customizable. We can divide the worklists by grade, counselor, response type and more. The worklist has to fit and work within YOUR environment and organizational structure and our install team will make it happen.

8. What reports or analytics are available within the Student Happiness System™? Reports on usage, response type, Happicon selection, happiness level and break down per grade, gender and more are all readily available to your organization. These reports can display SHS survey data over multiple time frames – per week, semester or even school year. Custom reports are also available. If we can get the data, we can make a report.

9. What does the NLP (Natural Language Processor) feature do? Our NLP looks at all student commentary placed in survey responses and extracts themes and concepts based on frequency and feeling (both negative or positive). Our powerful NLP will allow your school the ability to identify prevailing trends in your students’ feelings or general outlook on a variety of subjects including teachers, initiatives, environment, safety, pressure points and more.

10. How long does it take for NLP data to become relevant and useful for our school?:This is dependent on the volume of students being surveyed.  However, NLP data will reveal themes and concepts quickly. We believe that within 3 to 4 survey cycles, themes and concepts within the student population will become evident and this data will become more accurate, relevant and useful over time which is why we recommend a weekly pulse survey cycle.