HealthWide Solutions partners with Furlow Charter School to launch Student Happiness System™

HealthWide Solutions Inc, (DE) in collaboration and partnership with Furlow Charter School (GA) will launch the Student Happiness System™ this school year. The Student Happiness System™ is designed to take the pulse of a student’s emotional state leading to improved engagement, emotional wellness and academic outcomes. It establishes a communication vehicle whereby school students can freely express their thoughts and feelings. The data is then synthesized, curated and prioritized in an actionable worklist for school counselors.  Our powerful platform can identify intervention opportunities for students who are expressing low self-confidence, high stress, depression, or potential for self or public harm.  Each week, students receive motivational resiliency messages and videos teaching them life lessons and coping skills. 

HealthWide Solutions CEO Patricia Kloehn states, “We are thrilled to be working with Jason Williams (Principal, Furlow Charter School) as we implement this innovative technology which seeks to address the ever-pressing needs of school safety, security and Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  Jason’s valued insight, feedback and commitment to this project will ultimately promote positive academic outcomes and engagement with the students and teachers he works with at Furlow Charter School.”