Step 1

Students are sent a survey each week. Students are asked to select one of several emojis which best describes their current emotional state. They can add additional details on their selection via a text box. At the end of the survey, students are presented with customized motivational messages, videos and material which explore a wide variety of relevant and timely topics.

Step 2

Within hours, survey data is transferred, prioritized and made actionable within customized worklists. Counselors and administrators can sort worklists by emotional response and address specific students who are in the most need of resources or intervention. Positive commentary from happy students is also displayed giving counselors and other school staff perspective of what works.

Step 3

Emotional wellness is tracked within dynamic reports. Reports can track this data over time (weekly, each semester or even the entire school year). Additionally, the SHS Natural Language Processor (NLP) will extract themes based on frequency and feeling. The NLP will identify prevailing trends in your students’ feelings on subjects including teachers, classes, safety, pressure points etc.



Students are Pulse Surveyed Weekly:

Each week, your students are asked to answer questions on how they are feeling and are allowed to provide additional context via free text box.


Motivational Content that Inspires:

Once the survey is complete, The Student Happiness System™ will present succinct, poignant and relatable motivational content on a variety of themes. These themes can be customized to reflect current trends in your school or more universal topics including resiliency, bullying, wellness and more.


Worklists made Actionable:

Within hours, student survey data is delivered and prioritized within dynamic, sortable worklists for school counselors, tutors and resource team members. Worklists are customized to fit the structure, scope and bandwidth of your organization.


Reporting the Results:

The Student Happiness System provides a myriad of report options to school management and administrators. Reports can be broken down by week, semester or even year. Custom reports can also be created.


Gauging Prevalent Themes and Concepts:

Our powerful Natural Language Processor (NLP) takes all student commentary and identifies high frequency themes and can determine both negative or positive connotation to them. Our NLP extracts give your school the ability to see how all students are feeling based on their input over time.

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Safety & Security:

Confidential messaging is available at any point within the weekly pulse survey so students can leave a private message to administration to warn of intended harm, ill will, or provide anonymous input. Anonymous messages can be placed into specific worklists or can be flagged for immediate email escalation to security, counseling or administrative stakeholders.

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