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Is student emotional stability a top goal for your institution? 

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The US spends billions of dollars on "reacting" to school violence but the real solution is prevention.

* Schools react via warning systems, cameras, high tech security, and guards.
* Counselors are reactive and unclear which students pose an emotional risk.
* Stress, depression and suicide are on the rise - by 2030 depression will be USA's #1 disease.

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

The Student Happiness System can provide your students and counselors with a consistent platform to check-in emotionally on a weekly basis. 

What is the Student Happiness System? 

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Weekly surveys, resiliency lessons, emotional scorecards . . . 

Interact with your students real-time.

Provide the means for students to leave confidential messaging.

Our team

Educators and consultants . . . 

Patricia Kloehn, MBA

Our CEO, Patricia, is a technology designer with over 25 years experience working with system operations and healthcare. 

Cass Speer, PhD

Former Dean at the University of Tennessee with over 35 years of teaching and administrative experience.

Joseph Hickey

Our COO, Joseph Hickey, is a seasoned optimization consultant with 15 years of experience helping organizations reach their potential.